Knowing The Truth

Just like car, your bussines optimization must starts with an audit. Conducting a website audit benefits any business aiming to increase its online presence. A site audit identifies problems with website architecture. As a result, sites learn where to improve technical site performance.

Again, much like your vehicle – identifying and rectifying problems with your website early saves expensive repairs down the line and ensures optimal performance.

Magpie Marketplace Insights

MAGPIE is a data analytics service that provides data and insights from the top 3 Indonesian C2C Marketplace platforms. We believe that every strategy and planning needs to start with proper measurement, not only in your official store, but overall market including merchant and competitor.

Steller's Business Intelligence

STELLER’S is a fully customized dashboard showing all the key metrics from all of your Official Stores, so you can have quick access to the metrics that matter to your business.